Friday, 14 November 2008


Following on from our post of 26 October, below, we would now like to advise the Department for Transport has replied to our FOI request, and they even did so within the period prescribed by the law.
Unfortunately, we did not find out much from that reply. As discreet as a confession box, the DfT officials would not divulge the identities of the participants in the Derbyshire presentation, arguing that this was "personal information".
The Department would not answer our question about the materials that were to be presented at the November 4th meeting either. We, therefore, had to insist (See our reply on the same site mentioned above)
The DfT, however, let us know that the Rt Hon John Prescott MP, although invited, was not going to attend the event.
Sometimes, of course, it is better to make yourself scarce.

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